Sudha Paneer

Sudha Paneer is prepared from fresh Mix Milk ensure 24 – 26 % Fat in final product. Sudha Paneer is either vacuum packed in MLP pouch (Multi Layered Plastic) or with Nitrogen atmosphere packed in MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to improve its shelf life. Sudha Paneer being rich in fat content, can be used in preparation of different types of gravy dishes, Rosted dishes, Chines dishes, Pakoras, tikis, Sweets ets.

MLP Pouch : 10 days under cold chain
MAP Pack : 15 days under cold chain

FAT : 26.0 % (Minimum 50 % on dry matter basis)
Protein : 20.00%

  Pack Size
100 gm
200 gm
500 gm
1 kg

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