Sudha Elecster Healthy Milk

Sudha Elecster Healthy Milk (Toned milk) is Utra High Heat-treated Milk (Sterilized Milk) packed in Elecster pack to enhance its shelf life to 90 days at normal ambient temperature. Sudha Elecster Healthy Milk lends the perfect balance between nutrition and fitness by providing everyday essential nutrients. The naturally and hygienically procured milk is partially skimmed to remove excess fat, homogenized and sterilized to kill all microorganism present, processed and packed aseptically in Elecster Pack. This milk is best choice for fitness-conscious working couple, students and can be purchased in a lot for week’s / months requirement.

FAT(%) – 3.0 minimum
SNF(%) – 8.5 minimum
90 days at normal ambient temperature
  Available in
500 ml.

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