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  • Sudha Dahi

    Sudha Dahi is prepared under aseptic controlled condition from fresh milk of different composition to prepare different types of Dahi ie Fitness Curd, Lite Dahi, Smart Dahi, Plain Dahi, Premium Dahi, Misti Dahi in different pack size to suit customer of all age of different regions. For production of Dahi Direct Vat Set (DVS) Dahi Freeze-dried Lactic culture is used to get good body and specific taste in Dahi. Sudha Dahi contains live lactic acid bacteria which supports in digestion and adds to maintain good microflora in our intestine.

    4 days at refrigerated storage (less than 8⁰C)

      Pack Size
    80 gm cup 100 gm cup 200 gm cup
    1 kg in Jar 2 kg in Jar 5 kg in Jar 15 kg in Jar 16 kg in Jar
    200 ml in Pouch 500 ml in Pouch 1 Lit in Pouch

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