Sudha Elecster Shakti Milk

Sudha Elecster Shakti Milk (i.e. Standardized milk) is Utra High Heat-treated Milk (Sterilized Milk) packed in Elecster pack to enhance its shelf life to 90 days at normal ambient temperature. The fat content of this milk is 1.5 % more fat than Healthy Milk (Toned milk), thus provides creamy feel till the last drop. The freshly procured milk is standardized and strelised to kill all microorganism present and processed milk is packed aseptically in Elecster Pack. This milk possesses all goodness of milk and suits to all categories of people as well as can be used for preparation all type of milk-based Desert, Sweets and products.

90 days at normal ambient temperature.

FAT(%) – 4.5 min
SNF(%) – 8.5 min

  Pack Size
500 ml

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